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Me on KSL Studio 5: “How to Teach Kids Values”

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A life that touched mine

Carl Edwin Shepherd

I’ve had several personal experiences lately that have tried my faith in my business, and made me evaluate and actually use some of my own products. The one that I would like to share, is the recent passing of my dear father-in-law, and my ability to do a LIFE TRIBUTE for him. This was my first personal experience with death, so I wasn’t forewarned about how things would happen. He was not a man of many words, showed his love more with actions. He never took my urging to write his Ethical Will, so we don’t have many of his thoughts on life and what he’d like to see his children and grand children accomplish. In the end, what he did leave, was the legacy of his children. This was shown so beautifully at his funeral, and in everything that his children have done and continue to do. I have always wanted to personally try my Life Tribute books, would have definitely preferred another route….but nonetheless I was able to complete one for him. As his daughter in law, it really was the one thing that I could do for him, as he was self sufficient and the least demanding person you have ever met. I worked and worked and worked again at getting his book just right. I really wanted it to typify his life. I worked with the funeral home in AZ, collected the memories, transcribed the funeral, typed the memories, and designed the book…just like I would for any other client. However, with the element of personally knowing him, it was a bit more difficult to get it all right. After months and hours of looking at the computer, his book was finally finished. My mother in law gave it to all her children as their Christmas present. Obviously I had read and re-read the material, but I was still trying the product to see what effect it would really have. Of course there were initial tears when everyone was reading, and that’s to be expected. But many of the magical moments have come since its publishing. My husband, carefully read cover to cover one night. It was a special time for him to remember, for him to read what others had said about his dad. My daughter has read pages, and I’ve seen her in her quiet moments thinking and remembering. (She is just 8). My mother in law has praised the book, shown it off, made me feel good…but more, made me know that this product is really something valuable. Would anyone really ever listen to the CD of the funeral…I’m not sure how many actually will. But I know, because I’m able to know now, how many times this book has been read, and will be read by our family again and again, and even though he never left his own written legacy, he continues to be remembered in all the hearts that he touched.

To view sample pages from his book:

By Meaningful Moments

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News Press

Sunday I had the opportunity of being interviewed by Jerry Johnston of the Deseret News. Here’s the article! What a great guy, and a great way to continue to help people do what I love to do. Sincere thanks.

click here to read the article

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Video: Ethical Will

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New and improved Ethical Will Organizer

When I first started learning about Ethical Wills, I created my first Organizer to help clients feel confident and successful when using this life story tool. After a few years, lots of presentations, and listening to the needs and worries of people, I have developed this new Organizer to better meet those needs and simplify the whole process!

This is what I’ve always envisioned my Organizer to be! The new exterior features are a bright fun cover design, then I’ve chosen a harder cover (still can’t find anyone that can spiral punch a hard cover), and used spiral o-binding (makes it look better, and is more durable!).  On the interior, I’ve kept the same acid-free paper so taking notes or writing your Ethical Will directly on the paper will stand the test of time. I’ve also included a lot more prompts to guide you along the journey.

Ethical Wills truly alleviate the feelings of being overwhelmed when trying to write your life story, life legacy, or memoir (however you want to think about it). The are simple, concise, yet so powerful, life-changing, and life-altering. Impact your family today, by sharing WHY you are the way you are, and write your own Ethical Will!


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The Utah APH is now accepting stories for a new book. Visit Utah APH for details and to submit your story today!

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Community Presentation

I will be presenting Using Ethical Wills to “Write Memories Worth Reading” at the UGA Genealogy Conference Aug 19 & 20 at the Larry H. Miller Campus of Salt Lake Community College. Register here: UGA Conference
Come learn how to leave a legacy that will actually get read! I will also be selling my NEW (and much improved) ORGANIZER!

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How to "Write Memories Worth Reading"



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4 tips on what to write in your personal history!

I will be giving 4 tips on how to “Write Memories Worth Reading” on KSL Studio 5 TV tomorrow. Watch the show, or check back when I’ve posted it. Valuable tips on what to write!

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The Value of YOUR LIFE

Personal History goes beyond Genealogy by recording life stories and experiences rather than only the dates they were lived.

I believe that everyone wants to be remembered. Many even desire a Cinderella Story, of rising to great fame and fortune, desiring to be remembered by more than just their family; to leave their mark on the world. While some will have history books, movies, or the like recorded of their time on earth, for the majority of us, our fame will arise from the lives that we touched, and how great of an impact we had on another human being. This is how we will be remembered.

Personal History is taking the time to write what is important to you, what values you have lived by, what drives you, what knowledge and wisdom you want to pass on to your future generations, etc. It is also including the funny moments, the best friends, times you got in trouble, and the things you did for entertainment. A simple moment, with the time taken to reflect, can become profound and enlightening, and these profound insights can have lasting impacts when shared with others.

How do you want to be remembered? What impact do you want to have? Share your LIFE and its MEANING with others and you will be remembered for more than just the dates you lived.

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ANNOUNCMENT: My new website

I’m so excited to announce my NEW WEBSITE! It’s been a lot of hard work, and I’m so happy it’s done, and up, and ready for business!
Thanks to especially my family for all their support and insight into all of this. It’s amazing how much strength you truly give.

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Upcoming Presentation

I will again be presenting at the South Davis “Family History Fair” on March 5. I will present Ethical Wills as a means to “Write Memories Worth Reading”. I will present the same presentation in 2 sessions at 10:40 and 1:20.
To register for classes visit Family History Fair

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Favorite New Quote

Benjamin Franklin advised: “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”

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KSL shot

Another huge thanks to KSL TV! This time thank you Courtney Orton!! It was a lot of fun, and some great ideas to help YOU and KIDS get involved in documenting your life!


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Finding Strength Through Personal History


This was a great opportunity. HUGE thanks to Brooke Walker at KSL Studio 5.

Sign up now for the workshop series beginning in June. Visit or call 435-239-8289

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Tip for starting your PH

Do you know where to start on your PH?
Start with the stuff that matters!
For motivation, walk around your house and see what is hanging on your walls or on display on shelves, etc. Write the story as to why that item is important, and why you are displaying it.
Happy writing!

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Ethical Will Spotlight


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